Calling all Imagineers

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Hello Everybody,

We have been busy these past few months (almost a year) doing thing for Nightwish and updating our facebook site.  But we are now teaming up with a few Fanclubs (Oceansouls of America, Nightwish France, Nightwiish PL (Dream Emporium)Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen (Nemo)Nightwish Australia Fan Page: Dark Chest of Wonders) to help a couple of Directors at YLE to make a Fan documentary called Fellow imagineers (click link for information).  The official casting call for the Fellow Imagineers fan-documentary is up and online!  Send Your video or the link to it by email to this address.  You can use Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, WeTransfer, Aspera, Google Drive, iCloud or another similar service for your video link.


Below is a message from the Producers on this Fan-documentary:

Hi all the Nightwish fans!


Tuomas Holopainen wants to know why Nightwish is so important to its fans. If Nightwish has changed your life, send us a video telling us what the band means to you. Do it by 13 October 2015!

Please forward this message all the Nightwish fans you know. The Fellow Imagineers documentary will not come to life without You!



With best wishes,

Kaisa Alenius and Harto Hänninen

script writers and directors 


Sami Hahtala